uPVC doors and windows have always been the prior choice of every homeowner. There is an ample number of benefits that makes it a favourable choice. However, every coin has two sides. Here’s a list of common problems that you might face in the long run while using uPVC doors and windows. However, there are sorted solutions for the same as well. Don’t freak out if you suddenly start facing the problem. Remember, replacement of uPVC doors in Haywards Heath is not the only option always! 

The benefits of this material are undeniable, hence instead of replacing the same, get it repaired from the professional glazing service companies. Read on and see how easily these common problems can be fixed and make the doors and windows run for a longer time. 

Loosening of hinges

Since the uPVC doors and windows can expand and contract with weather conditions changes, hinges may get loose with time and cause hindrances to the user. Moreover, the edge of the doors will get rubbed against the floor, thereby making it difficult to close the same smoothly. Fret not. The solution is easy. Realign and readjust the doors and hinges to the correct size, and your problem will be solved.

Stiffness of locks

Sometimes while using a uPVC door or window for a long-time, you might encounter a situation where the locks become stiff and hard to twist. Continuous application of pressure on the same may make it difficult for your hands. Again, instead of worrying your brains out, call a professional mechanic and get it fixed. You can also get the locks replaced so that the problem is solved. 

Fragility of locks

This is a situation opposite to that of the scenario mentioned above. Continuous wear and tear make the handle lose, and thus, the locks become fragile. uPVC doors and windows are thick, and if the lock doesn’t work, you might not be able to close them properly. This endangers the people residing within the premises. For this, replacement of uPVC doors and window frames are not necessary. Call a locksmith and get things fixed. 

Contact Haywards Heath Glass & Glazing for such issues that you face with uPVC doors and window frames; contact Haywards Heath Glass & Glazing. Our experienced, skilled and trained glazing experts will fix all your problems along with the lock issues and make your uPVC door and window as good as new. 

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