uPVC doors are currently the most trending option, and homeowners love the same because of the many benefits that these doors offer. Installing a uPVC door ensures that you don’t need to maintain the same. Moreover, they keep the room’s temperature under control, thereby reducing the electricity bill. However, uPVC doors can develop a lot of problems that might take time to get resolved. 

If you face any problems with your uPVC doors, call professionals to replace uPVC doors in Haywards Heath. uPVC doors are heavy and generally expand or contract with changes in the temperature. Thus, if you neglect the minor damages, then the door might get damaged beyond repair. 

Here’s a list of common uPVC door problems and simple solutions to overcome them.

4 problems and solutions of uPVC doors

Stiff door handles

uPVC door handles are stiff when they are being lifted or pushed down. In such circumstances, the door handle is certainly damaged. Maybe the lock system is not working. In such a case, call the locksmith immediately. They will fix the same and help you use the door effectively. 

Key turning problems

If you’re unable to lock your uPVC door, this might pose a grave issue. Hire a professional who can check the issue and fix the same. The problem can be either with the lock, the spring, or the rollers inside the lock. 

Difficulty in shutting doors

Sometimes it may happen that despite trying, your uPVC door might not get shut. It may just swing open even after the door is closed. Many homeowners ignore this problem. However, if this persists, then your safety might be at stake. To stop this problem, two screws need to be tightened. Hire professionals to do the same. You can also repair the same by moving the keep for the latch towards the door. 

Loose door handles

Like the tight handles, the handles of the uPVC doors may become loose over time. Continuous use of the door handles can make them loose. Again call the locksmith and get it checked. They’ll guide you in case the handle needs replacement. Sometimes the springs inside the handle become loose and need replacement. 

Haywards Heath Glass & Glazing offers excellent and long-lasting uPVC doors and window frames for every property type. If you face any of the above problems with your uPVC doors, contact us and get immediate remedies.