uPVC Windows & Doors

uPVC Windows & Doors

The reason we provide uPVC double glazing is because we believe it is the superior choice for Window and Door frames offering excellent performance and longevity at an affordable price.

Why is uPVC a good material for Window & Door frames?

uPVC is proven to offer excellent performance and durability, it is long lasting and requires very little maintenance making it the perfect material for your windows. It is also recognised for its thermal efficiency, sound insulation and great value for money.

What are the benefits of using uPVC for Window & Door frames?

uPVC has many benefits which make it the perfect material to be used for window frames. It is known for providing the highest level of thermal comfort as well as being extremely durable and long lasting.

Low cost:
uPVC tends to be considerably cheaper than aluminium and timber and provides more benefits. Costs can vary depending on the quality and features of the windows but you can expect a much more affordable price by choosing a UPVC window.

Low maintenance:
The material tends to be so popular because it requires very little maintenance; other than cleaning in and around the frames a few times a year you can leave your windows to look after themselves. Unlike timber you will not see any signs of rot or weather damage due to the extremely durable nature of the material. UPVC is also great at providing sound insulation and studies show it can reduce outside noise by as much as 70%.

Great performance:
Our uPVC windows are extremely energy efficient so installing them can really help to reduce heating costs and keep your property nice and warm. Due to its resilience, strength and robustness, uPVC is also very reliable when it comes to your home security.