uPVC doors are a common sight nowadays. For good reasons, of course, uPVC doors are in high demand. This material is highly durable, keeps the interiors insulated and needs no maintenance hassles. Although, you might hear people sulking about the initial purchase and installation cost. However, remember it is worth a one-time investment. Once you’ve installed a uPVC door for your house, you can be assured of its durability for the next 20 years or more. 

Following some simple maintenance tips can help you avoid the replacement of uPVC doors in Burgess Hill. With time, everything becomes dull. Hence, polish and keep your doors clean so that they look good. Follow these simple daily tips to keep your uPVC doors clean and long-lasting.

Three simple tips for maintaining uPVC doors

Clean the parts separately

Sometimes the hinges and the locks might get jammed if they are not used for a long time. Hence, keep cleaning the dust from these parts of the uPVC doors at an interval of every six months. This will help the locks to work smoothly. Don’t blame the quality of the doors just because you’ve not taken proper care of the same. You must also spray some oil on the hinges to make them run smoothly. However, be careful not to spray the oil on the glass as this might damage the clarity of the glasses. While cleaning the parts. Make sure to check the hinges of the door as well. With time they might get loose. Ask a professional to retighten the screw in the hinge in a proper manner. 

Clean the glass perfectly

Glasses attached with the uPVC frames should be cleaned at least eight times throughout the year. Rub the glass with a moist and soft piece of cloth. This will help you to get rid of the excess dirt. Clean during the evening because direct sun rays can produce a streaky finish to your door’s glass. Once you clean the same with a wet cloth, make sure that you rub it with a dry cloth again. This helps in making the glass shine brighter. 

Clean the frames 

The uPVC frames must be cleaned at least twice a year to keep them in good condition. You can easily dust off the dirt from the frames any time when you’re free from your hectic schedule. Pay extra attention to the corners where you might find cobwebs and dirt. You can use vacuum cleaners to clean these parts. 

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