Windows are an integral part of the property as they are responsible for bringing in the first rays of sunlight into the room. They are the passageways for letting you connect with the outer world and embrace the beauty of nature. They also add to the visual appeal of the property. Hence, keeping in mind the list of importances that you can experience from a window, you use the material which is best suited for the same. For replacement uPVC windows in Burgess Hill, contact professional fitters.

uPVC windows are one of the most popular choices among different people. These windows are commonly in trend because of their durability, rigidness, and flexibility. When it comes to opting for the right material, there’s no better option than to use uPVC for your windows. For those who are not aware, uPVC windows are fire-resistant. To know more about this fascinating fact, read on.

Are uPVC windows fire resistant? Know the facts

According to the fire tests, the uPVC material is naturally flame retardant and detests the spread of fire further into the property. It is always better to be prepared for the worst-case fire breaking out inside the property premises. However, if you’ve installed uPVC windows, you can be sure that even if the fire breaks out, it will not spread too much and cause damage to the property.

uPVC is made of Chlorine which has fire-resistant quality. During the fire breakout, the windows and the doors are the exit points; hence, it is advisable to use uPVC as a material to secure the exit points effectively. This will help you move out and save your life if the windows are not affected by the flames.

Furthermore, unlike vinyl or wood, uPVC doesn’t melt under fire. Hence when you start removing the ignition source, the uPVC windows will stop burning. Thus, it is proved that uPVC window frames are self-extinguishing in nature and can put off fire immediately. Hence they are the safest material you can probably use for your home.

Apart from this, uPVC windows have low maintenance and are highly durable. They also have high-security value and can keep the house’s interiors warm and cool respectively in different weather conditions.

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