Though UPVC windows are a comparatively new term in the window industry, they have become quite popular in the last few years. The primary difference between uPVC and composite doors is that the former is made purely with plastic. They are specially designed to make them more durable, sturdy, secure and attractive than traditional plastic doors.

UPVC windows have a unique panel construction as most of them have two pieces of glass with a thin layer of air sealed between them. If you want to reduce your cooling or heating energy bills, this is the right time you get in touch with a reputable company for the replacement of UPVC windows in Burgess Hill. There are few facts about this window variety which will enhance your interest in them.

Replacing Your UPVC Windows? Few Unique Facts About Them

  • New UPVC Windows Can Help Prevent Noise Pollution

If you stay in Burgess Hill, you will know how noisy the area is. If you don’t want to get disturbed because of the street noise in your locality or the music from the stereo systems of your neighbours, install new UPVC windows. They help a lot in noise reduction. The thin air between the two glass panes acts as a natural sound barrier and prevents disturbing noises from entering your home.

  • Its Warranty Depends On Its Features

The warranty offered by UPVC windows depends on the composition of materials used to manufacture them. You can expect them to last longer if they are steel-reinforced, has welded corners, uPVC frame construction, are internally beaded, and double weather sealed. The warranty offered depends on the manufacturer. Some sub-contractors even offer an additional warranty of their installation. You can know the exact warranty period of the window by talking with the installer.

  • You Can Reduce Energy Bills By Installing Them In Your House

UPVC windows can help a great deal in reducing your energy costs. The residential windows are responsible for heat gain during the summer months, and heat loss occurs in winter. The thermal link of traditional single-glazed products is too weak compared to modern double-glazed windows. Choose a reputable window supplier and they will conduct a thermal performance before installing the windows in your residence.

These being said, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced installers of UPVC windows at Sussex Glass & Glazing. Every piece of glass is cut to size for complete customer satisfaction.