UPVC windows are nowadays more popular than wooden windows as they are more secure, helps in noise reduction, keeps your rooms warmer and require little maintenance. Choose the right company when replacing uPVC windows, and you will notice that your energy bills have gone down. As far as their durability and overall lifespan are concerned, it depends on the reputation and experience of the manufacturer, the location of your building and the quality of installation. Generally, their average lifespan is 2 to 3 decades. If you can install high-quality uPVC windows correctly, they will last longer.

What Are They Made Of?

Every type of uPVC windows is made using polyvinyl chloride polymer. As the name suggests, Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is the unplasticised part of polyvinyl chloride which is not softened. Though window manufacturers use different formulas to make them, fillers and pigments are two common ingredients. To improve the heat and UV stabilising qualities of premium uPVC windows, they add chemicals like soaps and metal salts.

Are All UPVC Windows Same?

Two similar-looking uPVC windows might not be of the same quality if their manufacturing process and materials differ. One will be more durable than the other. If you want to know how long the one you are installing in your home will last, you must consider numerous factors. You can expect the windows to last longer if the raw materials are of high quality. Its ability to maintain colour depends on the ratio of chemicals used.

uPVC double glazing has two glass panes that are joined by a polymer compound at the edge. The quality and nature of the compound will determine how much water can enter through the cavity. Some window manufacturers also fit a desiccant to the window to prevent misting, which enhances its durability. A high-quality polymer compound also prevents the entry of water through the window cavity. 

How Long Does Their Appeal Last?

If you notice that your uPVC windows’ white or light-coloured frames have become yellowish, it is a common cosmetic sign of aging. It generally occurs if the materials used to make them are of poor quality. Some parts might become more yellowish than the rest of the windows and can impact the appeal of the entire room.

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