Glass and glazing can add more aesthetical value to a property. Be it a commercial o building or a residential one – you can install top-quality glass and glazing products to give it a nice and stylish look. Your glazier will help you to choose the style that suits your property’s architecture and your requirements correctly.

However, there are some common mistakes that every property owner must avoid while installing glass and glazing. A talented, experienced, and efficient glazier will help you understand the risks and avoid them.

Glazing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Choose High Light-Transmissive Glass

This would let you receive a lot of heat and light inside your rooms which may not be a good option for you, especially during scorching summer days. This will also put pressure on your HVAC system and increase your monthly energy bills.

Lack of Due Diligence

Check the samples of glazing day and night to ensure that they will deliver the efficiency as you want them to be. Ask your glazier to try with one or two glazing doors and windows to check if the pattern or style suits your requirements. When you are dealing with an experienced team, they can help you to choose the correct sample of glazing as per your needs and budget.

Do Not Overglaze a Building

Though glazing or glass doors look fantastic, overglazing can cause aesthetical issues for residential properties. You should refrain from installing glasses at every corner of your house. Overglazing not only makes the house look boring, but it also overheats the interior and increases your energy bills.

Do Not Consider the Maintenance

Glass doors and windows look beautiful, but they demand regular and thorough maintenance. They can be damaged due to high heat, heavy rain and stormy wind. You should look after your glass windows to ensure that they can withstand all these hazards. If you think that regular maintenance is not possible for you, you should avoid having glass doors and windows.

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