If you think that you can hang a mirror in any random place in your house, it’s high time you debunk the myth. If you want to enhance your rooms’ appeal by hanging a few mirrors, be very careful where you place it. Nowadays, interior designers recommend bespoke mirrors in your home decor as they can enhance the appeal of your interiors. Instead of choosing any random company offering made-to-measure mirrors, look for one who specialises in manufacturing bespoke mirrors which meet your specific requirements.

Common Types Of Bespoke Mirrors You Can Include In Your Property

  • Bespoke Bathroom Mirrors

If you ever feel that your bathroom is looking cramped or too dark, you can make it look brighter and more spacious by installing bespoke bathroom mirrors. Though you can place them anywhere in your bathroom, use it as a vanity top if you want to render the space a contemporary look. Since mirrors in bathrooms are often exposed to high temperatures, you can save them from condensation damage by adding foil backing.

  • Custom-Made Cupboard Mirrors

You can consider using custom-made mirrors in the wardrobes if you want to boost the appeal of your bedroom or upgrade it. Choose the right cupboard mirror design and your room will get a modern and sleek look. Install one in your cupboard and you don’t have to install mirrors all over the walls. One of the benefits of installing bespoke mirrors is that you can choose a tint or colour finish which can match your existing bedroom decor.

  • Customised Fireplace Mirror

Though you don’t have to worry about the appeal of a fireplace you have recently built, they might start looking tired after a few years. It is the first thing one notices while walking into your living room. The importance of a bespoke fireplace mirror in your house can never be ignored as you can easily make it the focal point. They can revive the appeal of a fireplace without punching a hole in your pocket.

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