Sash windows look beautiful, and they can last longer with regular maintenance. However, the regular wear and tear can damage various parts of these windows which might make you look for a reliable company for window repairs. 

Fortunately, there are companies like Sussex Glass & Glazing that offer flawless window repairs, restoration and renovation services as per your needs.

What Types of Issues Can Be There?

In some cases, your sash windows can encounter some simple but common issues. Windows become extremely stiff while opening or closing due to problems in channels. Apart from that, the double glazing can be damaged due to extreme weather conditions or trespassing. 

Window Repairs or Replacement?

Sash windows can be restored with minimal effort. The double glazing and sash window experts always prefer repairing over full replacement. This is because the second option is costlier and more time-consuming than the first one. Your sash windows can be saved with the help of some major repairs which will enhance their life, and you can be relaxed for the next 10-12 years.

As per the experts, a full sash window replacement can cost four times more than a window repair. Hence, it would not be a burden for your pocket if you call the window repair experts for their services.

Why is Restoration Necessary?

A beautiful and vintage house with gorgeous wood windows looks fabulous. Simple restoration of the old windows can add more charm to your property. You can enhance their lifespan and curb appeal of your home instantly.

Restoration is a practical and intelligent way to save your old windows without making the bills huge. A property with restored windows will surely get a good price in the real estate market. 

Besides, time can damage the frames of your old wood windows. This can be a threat to the privacy and safety of your house. When you hire experts for regular servicing and renovation of your windows, you can easily ensure proper safety and privacy of your home.

What Type of Repairs and Restorations is Done?

From the glasses of a double glazed window to the lock of your old wood windows – everything is considered while repairing and restoring the windows by the experts. They will change the glasses and repair the locks immediately to make your home stay protected and beautiful.

Sussex Glass & Glazing offers complete restoration, renovation, repairs and servicing for your sash windows. Get in touch with our experts for more information.