Technological innovations have helped the construction sector to evolve drastically. When it comes to the different types of doors and windows, you can find various options available that come with an array of advanced features. You should always ensure that the doors of your home serve their purpose right, thereby ensuring adequate safety and security. And if you are willing to replace them, you can always consider installing replacement UPVC doors in Haywards Heath.


What is uPVC?


uPVC or Un-Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride has become one of the most commonly used polymers nowadays because of its incredible benefits. It is extremely durable and used for manufacturing a number of products, including doors and windows. uPVC is mixed with different types of stabilisers and additives. And while manufacturing doors and windows, special focus is always given while choosing the most appropriate ones.


What are the different types of uPVC door styles and designs?


While choosing a replacement door, you must try to pick the right option that features an impressive design and offers extensive safety. They need to be strong and should have multiple lock mechanisms. Following here are some of the different types of uPVC doors discussed below.


  • uPVC sliding doors: As the most commonly used option, they are highly versatile.
  • uPVC lift and slide doors: As another popular option, it is mostly used in plush villas, luxurious hotels and bungalows. They are stylish, sleek, and chic and can offer a clear view of the outdoors while blending seamlessly with the interiors.
  • uPVC casement doors: They can be the most suitable option if you are looking for a classic design. They can easily blend with the interiors and aesthetics of traditionally-designed properties. Moreover, they also feature multiple security attributes and locks for boosting the safety of your property.
  • uPVC tilt and slide doors: These are a space-saving option designed to complement the interiors of both residential and commercial spaces.
  • uPVC slide and fold doors: These doors can effortlessly complement the modern interior designs of properties. They are ideal for small spaces and are easy to operate.

The bottom line


It’s always necessary to choose the right type of replacement doors which will be able to suit the interiors of your home. Also, you must buy products from a leading supplier and fitter like Haywards Heath Glass & Glazing. We are highly reputed for offering premium-quality uPVC doors and windows. Contact our experts to share your unique needs and choose the right one from their vast range of options available.